Wise Periods

Menstruation is a nearly universal experience for most women for many decades of life, yet very few feel comfortable with and much less able to embrace the unparalleled strengths it brings.  My own journey from one who went from loathing to tolerating to accepting and finally to embracing menstruation took about thirty years.  Since I cannot travel back in time and adopt a more positive approach from menarche forward, I have chosen to commit myself to empowering others.  In a very real way, I am paying forward the gift I received.

Regardless of your age, now is the best time to start your own journey toward becoming period wise.  Don’t hesitate to let me know how I can help.  This website features a blog as well as links to many things I have written and said in recent years.  Your questions are welcome.  Write any time: suzan (at) periodwise.com

2 thoughts on “Wise Periods

  1. cherrish

    When will it happen? Its wierd that its something is dripping out of my underwear and every time i look , nothing their. But one time i had red all over my underwear in the bathroom,but it didnt happen again. I had before just brown and red in my underwear at the same time , but i have mostly ever day dry brown stuff in my underwear what that means?

  2. Amy

    I have a almost 9 years old girl. She’s going thru some body changes real quick. I mean everything on her body its getting big. I’m a little scare cause she’s a 3rd grader and still immature. I talk to her about menstruation, cleaness while in school. And her answer is always oh that’s gonna be hard. Please I need some advice.


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