#ConfidentCarry Campaign on #May9

WHO: #ConfidentCarry is for all – no matter your age, gender, occupation, menstrual status.


WHAT:  Confident carry of menstrual supplies is the opposite of concealed carry.  In other words…proudly display – don’t hide, cover, tuck away, or conceal in any way the fact that you carry menstrual products.  Pads (disposable or cloth), tampons, cups, menstrual sponges, etc, should be #confidentcarried so that they are visible to others.


WHEN:  May 9, 2014


WHY: Most girls and women opt for concealed carry of menstrual supplies, often out of embarrassment or shame.  It’s considered socially unexceptionable for one’s menstrual products to be seen. Great extremes will be gone to in order to conceal carry pads and tampons – even to the point of breaking school rules against concealed carry of anything.


WHERE: #ConfidentCarry takes place wherever you are on May 9 – school, work, shopping, exercising, worshiping, anywhere…everywhere.


HOW:  Contact me on Twitter, Facebook, via email, or comment here at Period Wise and let me know you will be participating.  Choose your fav menstrual product and #ConfidentCarry it May 9.  Take a picture of yourself as you confident carry and post it / your #ConfidentCarry story on your social media. Contact me and provide a link to your #ConfidentCarry so your experience can be gathered and included in the #ConfidentCarry 2014 Journal.


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