Words Heard at the Zoo

A trip to our local zoo provided me with a reminder to always be prepared.

Intent on walking the paths rather than gawking at animals, I packed light.

That means I took four things.

My zoo pass, my driver’s license, keys, and my cell phone. All were slipped into various pockets in the shorts I wore.

As I stepped out of the house, I hesitated and almost slipped back in for a moment.

I was leaving sans product…no pad…Instead…tampon.  I quickly thought of the last time I had come across someone who was in need of product. It had been quite a while and I reasoned that this trip out would be no different than others.

So, I rushed out and drove off eager to make it to the zoo at opening time.

I had been at the zoo a total of 2 1/2 hours and was making my way back toward the entrance – had reached the halfway mark – when I noticed a couple heading my way.  They were talking animatedly and she was upset.

At first, I assumed they were fighting, but as the distance between us closed, I was able to make out words.

Words like:

  • NO!
  • I don’t have anything with me!
  • It wasn’t expected.
  • What am I going to do?
  • Yes!  I LOOKED in my purse.
  • No, the restroom doesn’t have any.

I automatically patted my hip pocket and when I found it empty, I reached for my front pocket.  It was empty, too.  And, no…there was nothing in my car.

I had nothing to offer her.  NOTHING.

As she and her husband passed me, I felt a lump form in my throat and tears sting my eyes.

I knew better than to go out unprepared, but chose to do so anyway.

Period wise = period prepared.

Living Life As A Girl – Giveaway

If you’ve ever wanted to try a sampling of various and different menstrual products, the opportunity is now. 

The mastermind behind Living Life As A Girl, is planning a giveaway of a huge sampling of pads, liners, tampons and wipes.  If you’ve ever wondered what a particular product is like, chances are you will find it among the giveaway goodies she will be offering soon.

Who is she? I’ll let her words speak for her.

When I was about 12 I realized that I loved helping girls. I was always giving my friends advice. Also most girls came to me if they needed help. I started a YouTube channel because I like to help other girls with any help or advice they might need about all girl stuff.

Does she have any period wise advice for girls? Oh, yeah! And, her advice is spot on.

A piece of advice I would give to girls my age would be to talk to their moms if they are feeling scared or need anything.

Check out Living Life As A Girl‘s Giveaway video - be sure to subscribe to her channel and stay tuned for more info about the giveaway!

Faking It

Did you ever fake it?

I did – as a 7th grader.  In my group, I was the only one who had not yet reached menarche.

The new ad by Hello Flo brought back so many memories.  I’ve laughed and cried.  And, I’ve wanted to hug that little 7th grader from my past who lied about starting and assure her that it’s okay to be different.

Be yourself.  You can’t be anyone else.  Being honest about your experience and true to yourself is period wise.

Finding Normal

Everyone knows what normal is…right?

Normal is…normal.

It’s behavior and activity that is common.  It’s what we assume is experienced by most, if not all.  It’s what’s expected. It’s what we’re accustomed to.

Did you know that what you consider normal might not be “normal” at all?

Did you know that your normal menstrual experience is unique to you? Why? Because YOU are unique and all that goes into making you who you are affects you – uniquely.

While the words you use to describe your experience are words commonly used by most women to describe the normal ins and outs, ups and downs of menstruation, these words are unique because of the meanings we attach to them individually.

After all, it’s normal for some women to experience heavy flow, right?  And, we all know what “heavy” means.

No.  We don’t.

YOU know what you mean when you give your flow a designation of light or heavy to signify amount and duration.  But, I don’t know unless you elaborate.  What I know is what I mean when I say “heavy period” and I naturally assume you mean the same thing.

If you tell me, “I’m having cramps” I”m going to filter your comment through what I’ve experienced myself and suggest what’s worked for me.  And, if my experience has been to have very little pain period wise, I’m going to make an assumption that may be wrong.

While it’s common for women to experience flow that is heavier on some days than it is on others, and it’s somewhat expected to experience some discomfort at some point during your cycle, considering either “normal” is not period wise.

However, knowing what is normal for YOU is period wise.

Finding normal is important.  And, understanding what your normal is and how it differs from what other women experience helps us see how unique we truly are.  And, it can also reveal to us a need to take a closer look at what we assume to be normal but may, in reality, be quite abnormal.

The only way to find normal is to give voice to what we are experiencing and do so using unique words that avoid general / normal terms like “heavy” or “light” or “crampy.”

Break the pattern of over-generalization and let’s get specific.

Find your normal and compare it with the normal experiences of others. I guarantee you, it will be an awakening long overdue.

If what you discover creates questions or causes alarm – talk with your doctor using specific terms and accurate counts.

Menstruation is not a time for generalization.

We are uniquely ourselves during that brief time in our cycle. Find your normal and you will find yourself. Share your normal and you share yourself with others. Embrace the normal of another and you gain a depth of appreciation for and understanding of another woman and her experience of normal that will enrich your own experience.

Finding normal is period wise.

DeTox the Box

I know – the FDA does not require manufacturers of tampons or pads to reveal many details about what’s in their products.  I also know they RECOMMEND a lot of things.

Recommend and require are two different things, as you well know (especially if you’ve had any dealings with children).

All I’ll say about that for now is that if these companies cared as much about women as they say they do, they would make sure we know without a doubt that their product contains NOTHING that will harm us NOW or in the FUTURE. (Why hide it? Unless, of course, you have something to hide.)

But, it’s apparent they don’t care.  It’s all about the money. Nuff said about that.  Moving on.

Check out the video DeTox the Box.

And, while you watch it, rethink your choice of feminine hygiene product.

DeTox the Box

What’s in YOUR Tampon?

What’s in YOUR tampon?

Don’t know?

Then why is it in your vagina?

Seriously, Ladies – why is it in your vagina if you don’t know what’s in it?

Hello? Can I get an amen on that?

Please, stop and think what it is you are placing inside of you.

I know tampons are convenient – believe me…I know.

But, when you slip a traditional tampon (think Playtex, Tampax, Kotex, U, O.B.) inside of you, some very nasty chemicals leach out of the tampon and into some of the most delicate tissues your body possesses.  And, these chemicals can and do cause a wide array of health issues.

Take a look at your tampon box.

Do you see a full list of ingredients?  What about chemicals involved in manufacturing, bleaching, creating, disinfecting the materials used in these tampons?  Do you see them listed?

Ever wonder why not?

There’s good reason for companies not to list these harmful ingredients.

If you knew what you were doing to your body each time you inserted a tampon that is anything other than 100% natural, certified organic cotton (no defoliant, no chlorine, no chemicals, no synthetic fibers) – you would choose a more health and body friendly option.

And, that would mean less revenue for big companies.

It’s all about the money.

BIG money.

Big, big money.

It’s not just tampons.  No.

What about disposable pads?  Ever think about the chemicals that are in those things?  Ew…and we place them snugly against our lady parts without consideration to what they are releasing into our bodies each time we sit on them.

And, diapers…disposable baby diapers.

What are we doing to ourselves, to our children…to their children?

It’s time these companies, that have taken our money for oh so long, to come clean about what they have been and continue to sell us.

And, it’s time for us to say “NO MORE!”

If they want our money, then they need to be open and honest with us about everything that’s in them.  We deserve that! YOU deserve that. Your daughter and granddaughter deserves that.

And, until they do – we need to rethink our menstrual hygiene in such a way to avoid using their products.

And, we need to warn others.

Buyers beware.

What’s in your tampon? It could be killing you and big business doesn’t want you to know, doesn’t want to lose your business…your money.

Sounds to me like they really don’t care about us…they just care about our money.

Be period wise.

Tell big business to stick it up theirs and you go find an alternative menstrual hygiene option that’s safe, healthy and reusable. Save the money you’ve been giving them and invest in yourself – invest in your dreams, not theirs.

That’s period wise.

Menstrual Hygiene Day


With that hashtag, people the world over are raising awareness about the role good menstrual hygiene management plays in enabling women and girls to reach their full potential.

Did you catch that?

…reach their full potential.

Has the lack of good menstrual hygiene management prevented you from reaching your full potential? What about your daughter?

Before you answer, think of the taboos surrounding menstruation and the issues faced by menstruating women – even here in the US.  Think about your own experiences at school, work, public restrooms….

Today is the first ever Menstrual Hygiene Day (or, #MenstrualHygiene Day on Twitter).

It’s a global opportunity to join together and break the silence, rip out taboos, and raise awareness about the need for good menstrual hygiene.

Imagine a world where every woman and girl is able to manage her menstruation in a hygienic manner – no matter where she is – and do so privately, safely and with dignity.

Dignity – how’s that for a word to associate with menstruation!

Let’s end the shame. #MenstruationMatters and so does #MenstrualHygiene.

For more information on Menstrual Hygiene Day, visit Menstrual Hygiene Day.Org.

#ConfidentCarry – An Appraisal

Was #ConfidentCarry worth it?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer:  yes, it was.

Would I do it again?

You betcha.

In fact, I’m going to do it every time I leave the house.


Because I believe it’s important that girls, teens and women see #confidentcarry of menstrual products on a regular basis.

Why hide?

Be period wise and appraise your method of carry and the reason why.