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Pregnant Before Her First Period

At 11 years of age, Hope became a mother just weeks shy of her 12th birthday.  The baby’s daddy is just 17 months older.

Hope’s mother, Lisa, says that she was shocked to find out on Christmas Eve of last year that her daughter was pregnant — when Hope was already six months along. She recalls that, as Hope was getting up off the couch, she noticed that her stomach was protruding out. “Hope had never even gotten her period,” Lisa says. She insists that she had no idea that Hope and her boyfriend, Bailey, were having sex.(Read more about Dr. Phil’s show 10-10-13.)

Did you notice what Hope’s mom said?  “Hope had never even gotten her period.”

11 year old Hope got pregnant and she’d never had a period – not one.

What about your girls? Have you “had the talk” with them? Are your girls sexually active?  Would you know if they were?

What about it, moms?  Are your girls period wise?