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Menstrual Hygiene Day 2015

Today, May 28, is Menstrual Hygiene Day.

So what? It’s an important day because #MenstruationMatters and so do women and girls the world over!  That’s what!

MHD serves as a neutral platform to bring together individuals, organisations, social businesses and the media to create a united and strong voice for women and girls around the world, helping to break the silence around menstrual hygiene management. How will you be showing the world that ‪#‎menstruationmatters‬ to you? Society for Menstrual Cycle Research

For more about Menstrual Hygiene Day and #MenstruationMatters check out the following links.

How will you make a difference, period wise?

Big Feet, Big Socks, Big Possibilities

White, cotton socks – Hubby bought more than his dresser drawer could hold.

(You know how these “Buy One / Get One Free” deals are – hard to resist even when it’s for something you already have plenty of.)

“Looks like I’ll need to get rid of my old socks,” Hubby lamented to me.  “Do you want me to toss them into the trash?”

(Trash perfectly good socks?!?!)

“NO!” was my immediate reply.  I handed him the bag the new socks had traveled home in with these instructions: “Place the old socks in here.  I’ll take them to a women’s shelter.”

Men’s socks to a women’s shelter?


Socks are like gold.

Menstruating while homeless calls for inventive measures if/when feminine hygiene products aren’t available.  A clean sock can be stuffed with tissue from a public restroom and used as a menstrual pad when nothing else is available.  The homeless period demands ingenuity. And, menstrual supplies, though essential, are not always readily available.

It seems a shame to just donate the bag of white cotton socks – knowing full well that the need is for something more than socks as a means to manage menstruation.

Hubby has big feet and the socks have the potential to hold a number of SoftCups, tampons, pads and wipes….

Hmmm… What would be the period wise thing to do?  😉


Menstrual Hygiene Day


With that hashtag, people the world over are raising awareness about the role good menstrual hygiene management plays in enabling women and girls to reach their full potential.

Did you catch that?

…reach their full potential.

Has the lack of good menstrual hygiene management prevented you from reaching your full potential? What about your daughter?

Before you answer, think of the taboos surrounding menstruation and the issues faced by menstruating women – even here in the US.  Think about your own experiences at school, work, public restrooms….

Today is the first ever Menstrual Hygiene Day (or, #MenstrualHygiene Day on Twitter).

It’s a global opportunity to join together and break the silence, rip out taboos, and raise awareness about the need for good menstrual hygiene.

Imagine a world where every woman and girl is able to manage her menstruation in a hygienic manner – no matter where she is – and do so privately, safely and with dignity.

Dignity – how’s that for a word to associate with menstruation!

Let’s end the shame. #MenstruationMatters and so does #MenstrualHygiene.

For more information on Menstrual Hygiene Day, visit Menstrual Hygiene Day.Org.