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Makeup and Suncreen Linked to Painful Periods

Is it possible that things you use every day – like makeup and sunscreen – are creating period problems for you? For your daughter…now or in the future?

With Summer just around the corner and sunscreen displayed prominently in most stores, it’s important to choose sunscreen that’s period wise.

Prevention Magazine reported 3 environmental factors that are linked to painful periods. The first is sunscreen (the makeup you use may contain sunscreen).

They protect your skin, but certain ingredients in sunscreen could be doing a number on your reproductive parts. The latest evidence of that, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, comes from research showing that women with higher levels of benzophenone (or Oxybenzone), a common UV filter used in makeup and sunscreen, faced a significantly higher risk of having endometriosis.

Avoid it: Lighten your chemical load by opting for natural sunscreens (see our picks with the Best Natural Sunscreens).

The second and third environmental factors linked to painful periods?

  • Pesticides
  • Trans Fats

To learn more visit Environmental Factors Linked to Painful Periods.