Speaking openly about menstrual matters is one way to help end the taboo, and empower this generation and the next.  I welcome the opportunity to speak to you, to appear on your radio show or podcast, or to participate virtually as a guest speaker in your classroom or educational workshop.  Popular topics include preparing girls for menarche and the first few years of menstruation, getting to know the many alternative and reusable menstrual product options, embracing your menstrual cycle, and understanding Toxic Shock Syndrome.  To inquire, please e-mail me: suzan (at) periodwise.com

Radio Appearances / Audio Interviews

Holy Hormones Honey – Hosted by Leslie Carol Botha
Suzan Hutchinson Addresses Toxic Shock Syndrome

Dr. Melanie Show
Toxic Shock Syndrome and Mold Exposure can both be Life Threatening

Dr. Pat Show

Frankie Boyer Show

Keeper, Inc.
An Interview with Suzan Hutchinson

Empowerment Through Healing                                                                                                Hosted by Tami Urbanek

TOTM Tea Talk with Val Carey                                                                                                 Appearance 1                                                                                                                             Appearance 2


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