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V-Day Worries?

Have plans for Valentine’s Day that didn’t include your period?

There’s no need to fear.

And, there’s no need to change Valentine’s Day plans that include a little V play!

Here’s a period wise option if you or your partner are a bit squeamish about red day play.

Use a SoftCup (Instead) of a tampon or pad!


Wondering about the Lily Cup Compact?

Bree, of Precious Stars Pads fame, has reviewed the new Lily Cup Compact and shares her pros and cons. Watch her video and then slip below for thoughts, period wise.

Yes, the Lily Cup Compact is intriguing. Most new things are at first. And, its bubble gum pinkness is appealing.

Is this something I would recommend as a period wise investment?


Why not?

Every menstrual cup that I’ve handled collapses small enough to easily slip into a pocket, a small purse, or even your hand if concealment is a concern. And, the wonderful thing about all menstrual cups is that you can have it with you or WITHIN you if you are anticipating your period’s start and want to be prepared.