At What Age Was Your First Period?

I came across a poll on Twitter recently that gave me reason to pause.  Poll - what age menarche AF_28

How old were you when you got your first ever period? was the question asked.  The results were surprising – yes, even to me.

200 responded (as of this date).  Of those who responded, the VAST majority experienced menarche as TWEENS.

Yes, tweens. Take a look at the poll as of noon today, October 3, 2015.

Only 1 in 5 experienced menarche as a teen.

What does this say about when discussion of puberty, the changes it brings and preparation for menarche should begin?

What needs to change to ensure young girls are prepared?  (Please note that of those who responded to the poll 19% indicated they experienced menarche at age 9 or younger.)

When did YOU experience your first ever period?  How prepared were you?



One thought on “At What Age Was Your First Period?

  1. Stacey

    I had my first period at age 15, I was very well prepared by that stage and not a lot phased me. My younger step sister however started at 9 years old and as she was looked after by her father, she wasnt really aware of what was happening and I had to sit her down for a nice talk to tell her that it wasnt a bad thing. She preceeded to tell me that girls had made fun of her in the change room because she was wearing a “nappy”. It took her a while to get over this.

    I believe puberty education should start much younger for girls AND boys so they know what is happening and understand that its not a bad thing, its 100% natural.

    Those statistics have shocked me as I was under the illusion she was very young, now I see its that I was quite old :-)

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