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Out With the Old

It’s sad to say goodbye to an old friend.

2013 was a constant companion these past 365 days but at midnight tomorrow, 2013 slips away and I’ll see it only in my memories and in the blog posts I wrote.

2013 continued the changes that 2012 brought, but it also stretched and grew me in ways I’d not imagined or planned on: spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

In some ways, I grew stronger.  Muscles rippled as I threw myself into yard work and gardening. Health improved as I ate better (and less). I became a lean, mean, working machine.

In other ways, I grew weaker. I fretted and stressed over things I had no control over. And, I allowed things to discourage me and keep me from accomplishing my goals.

As I stand with 2013 at my back and 2014 facing me, I look at who I was this past year…who I am at this moment…and who I want to be this time next year.

It’s time to let go of the past and let my next step take me into the future, with each step thereafter leading me closer to the me I want to be.

Do I have it all figured out yet?  No.  But, I do know this:

  • I need to hang on to the things that push me forward toward the fulfillment of my dreams and lean all the harder into them.
  • And, I need to turn loose of all that sidelines me, distracts me, or drives me in a direction other than that which leads to the fruition of my goals.
  • I must be single-minded in my pursuit of making my dreams a reality.

What about you? It’s time to let go of the past. And, it’s time to embrace the new.

How does this apply to you period wise?

  • Are there attitudes about your menstrual experience that you need to discard?
  • Are there fears you need to address?
  • Are there products you need to dispose of?
  • Do you need answers to questions, or understanding about your own experience (or that of your daughter)?
  • Do you hate your cycle?
  • Are there taboos you want to break?
  • Do you want more from your menstrual experience than you have but are unsure how to make it happen?
  • Is there something you’ve always wanted to try…to do…but haven’t?

Let go of the old and embrace the new.

There’s a bright new world out there, period wise.

Let 2013 be the year that launches you into that new world of discovery, better health, peace of mind, menstruation appreciation, self awareness, and cycle embracing fulfillment.

Make Your Own Happiness

Sometimes you have to make your own happiness.

Yes, you do.

When was the last time you bemoaned…anything? (an event, a relationship, a happening, a loss, a lack, a disappointment, a frustration, a hurt…menstruation, hormonal changes)

How much time did you spend griping about it? How much effort did you invest in your expressions of discontent?

My guess is that more time, energy and activity was spent bemoaning (whatever it was) than on finding happiness.

Now, I’ll agree with you. Sometimes it’s hard to find that little sparkle when the sparks fly.

Laughing is difficult when you feel more like groaning or crying.

It’s hard to smile when the gravity of a situation pulls your smile down into a frown.

It’s natural (and, at times, helpful) to invest emotional resources on that which eats at us.

But, when negative things and thoughts consume us, we find it difficult to recognize and accept the positive.

That’s not beneficial to our well-being and it indicates a need for action on our part.

What do you do when you can’t find one tiny glimmer of positive within all the negative?

Here’s what you do. When sad frowns have you down, turn one upside-down.

Seriously! Choose one part of the whole and look at it…differently.

Make your own happiness.

Happiness doesn’t just happen you know. It springs from an attitude of gratitude.

Now, look back at the image that played in your head when I asked, “When was the last time you bemoaned…anything?”

Find the sparkle. Look for the tiny glimmer. Turn a frown upside-down. Find something you can feel positive and good about.

Make your own happiness – especially period wise.

Gifting the Girls in Your Life

When you gifted the girls in your life this holiday season, did you give a gift that keeps on giving? a gift that will provide opportunity to learn? a gift that will encourage growth? a gift that will support  acceptance of and appreciation for who she is? a gift that will assure her that body literacy is good…positive…necessary?

Information opens the door to knowledge and knowledge applied is wisdom.

How have you gifted the girl in your life…period wise?

World AIDS Day 2013

Today is World AIDS Day.

What can you do to make a difference?

AIDS affects millions of children, teens, women and men world wide. Chances are it affects someone you know.

In 2011, women and adolescent girls (aged 13 and older) accounted for 21% of the estimated 49,273 new diagnoses of HIV infection in the United States. Black, Hispanic/Latino, and white women represented 97% (9,901) of estimated new diagnoses of HIV infection among all women in 2011. Among a total of 10,270 new HIV diagnoses among women and adolescent girls, 86% of HIV infections were attributed to heterosexual contact and 14% to injection drug use. Overall, CDC estimates that 279,100 women and adolescent girls were living with HIV at the end of 2009 and that 15% of those did not know that they were infected. This means they are not getting life-saving treatment or taking steps to protect their partners. (Read more.)

Four risk factors put ALL women (all includes you and your daughter) at risk for HIV:

  • sex (yes, that includes oral)
  • having EVER had unprotected sex (vaginal/anal/oral) with a male partner who has had sex (oral/anal) with another male
  • drug use (which can lead to risky behaviors, like having sex or sharing needles, etc)
  • sexual abuse

Menstrual problems are common for women with HIV: lighter or heavier bleeding, missed periods, more severe PMS, early menopause.

And, there are menstrual concerns when we consider HIV/AIDS – just like there are when there is potential for contact with ANY bodily fluid from ANYONE.

 HIV/AIDS among girls and women is a real concern. What are you doing to raise awareness?