If You Ask Me

Sunday morning at church, just as I was preparing to take my seat, I was asked by an older woman, “What do you do? Do you work?”

I glanced quickly around me, then back at her.  “Yes.  Yes, I work,” I replied.

“Where?” She asked.

“I work online,” I replied with a smile.

“For a company?” she inquired.

“Um, yes,” I answered.

“For a company here?” she asked.

Uh, no. The company isn’t here,” I replied.

“What do you do? she asked.

Glancing around again, I spoke low and clear. “I reply to inquiries and do other things.”

“Oh,” she said, then asked, “What’s the name of the company and what do they do?”

As I took a deep breath and prepared to jump into the answer, the Praise Band announced the beginning of the service with loud music.

I smiled at her, shrugged my shoulders and took my seat.

As I sat there, I watched as she took her seat and wondered what her reaction would have been to what I was prepared to tell her (and the mixed group sitting within earshot that would have easily overheard).

I don’t know that I’ve ever said “menstruation,” “menstrual,” “vagina,” “periodwise” or “menstrual cup” in church.  And, I truly doubt she has ever heard those words within the sanctuary of church.

The hesitancy I felt in openly sharing what I do when she first asked was based on two things:

  1. her probable reaction considering the setting,
  2. and, the reaction of those nearby who were forced to listen.

Should I have just jumped into what I do when she asked her first question?  Perhaps. Had she been younger, I probably would and without concern about causing embarrassment to her.

Would I like to sit down with this older woman and explain to her what I do and why?  Oh, yes! And, I hope I have opportunity to do so soon.  I think she would have a lot of period wise words.  After all, she’s had a lot of experience, period wise.