Periodic Resolutions

New year.

New resolutions.

New opportunities.

New vision.

New growth.

New you.

                                    As you look toward embracing the new year, consider resolving one (or more) of the following:

  • try a new Eco-friendly product
  • learn more about menstruation
  • explore your own menstrual experience
  • take the leap to a new/different product
  • begin a cycle day (CD) journal
  • live fully into the strengths each CD brings
  • examine your menstrual taboos and ask “why”
  • become more period wise
  • greet and celebrate each period

2 thoughts on “Periodic Resolutions

  1. Katrina zertiha

    Hi there, my name is Katrina and I have been talking to Suzan on twitter about my daughter Yasmine who after coming home from school last Feb and in pain sitting on toilet so I gave her some calpol. She then started panicking as bleeding heavily into toilet so I tried to calm her down and told her I thought she was starting her period? I was shocked too when I tell you Yasmine was so young, 7 and three quarters! I gave her one of my pads and rang Drs surgery and when I gave Yasmines date of birth they said to come and see lady Dr immediately! She was wonderful and explained all to Yasmine with aid of a diagram that Yasmine had started her period and to give her calpol if in pain! I was blaming myself for not talking to her about periods but why would I, she was only 7 years old! Yasmine has gone from a tiny little girl about year and half ago to a child who had rapidly gained height and weight, has boobs etc and has to wear deodorant too! She has coped so well and so proud of her for a child so young! She has had countless tests, scans etc and after last tests which took 5 and half hours in Paediatric Ward involving cannula and blood tests which were very painful and traumatic, letter just come back from Endocrinologist says Yasmine does not have true precocious
    Puberty, will monitor her and keep details on file! I just feel now that they can’t be bothered but have lots of unanswered questions? One thing I can say is she is a happy child and coping well for her age, so proud of her! They did mention menarche but it looks like for now we are being held in limbo? I would love to hear from other parents who have a young child with her period, early puberty as I feel so alone! I don’t know of anyone else in Yasmines position but I know there must be?

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